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About Compass Manufacturing Services

About Compass Components, Inc. Manufacturing ServicesCompass Manufacturing Services (CMS) is an ISO certified, committed partner to (Fortune 500) companies. CMS provides custom equipment, systems design, engineering, contract manufacturing, system integration services, and electronic component distribution. Since 1979 our manufacturing, engineering, design and distribution capabilities have fulfilled the needs of numerous industries, including transportation, industrial, semiconductor, energy, food processing, and medical customers.

We are an agile, ISO-certified organization committed to ensuring our customer's satisfaction through quality products, exceptional service and continuous improvement. With over 300 employees, we have multiple facilities located regionally throughout the West, including Silicon Valley, Northwest and the Southwestern US. This has enabled Compass to be a leading provider of design/engineering services, integration, distribution, complex electronic assembly, and cables & harnesses. This vertically integrated approach empowers CMS to address all customer requirements from concept design through final production.