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Electrical Control Enclosure Design for the Semiconductor Industry

Electrical Enclosure Panel Enclosure Open Hub At Compass Manufacturing Services, one of our recent projects involved systems integration for a manufacturer of semiconductor equipment. This particular company received a much larger than anticipated order for silane vapor deposition systems and dielectric cure ovens, which are high-yield, environmentally friendly tools used to apply coatings that modify the surface properties of substrates for further processing. The company had never outsourced production of their equipment – they built all of the sub-assemblies, including the electrical wiring, in-house. To rapidly scale up production, outsourcing to a strong manufacturing partner clearly became a necessity for them, and one they hoped could achieve economies to reduce overall production expenses.

Our deliverables for this project included building the electrical enclosure and integrating multiple wire harness sub-assemblies. Since the customer had previously done all internal wiring with a jig, no pre-fabricated harness drawings were available. We designed, prototyped, and tested both an AC and DC harness that we could pre-build to speed the integration process. Along with fabricating the electrical cabinets and assembling the wire harnesses, we designed a custom load box and fixture that accomplished 100% functional testing. We had eight production-ready units available in six weeks, and quickly scaled that up to 12 units per week to keep up with customer demand.

With our ability to design, manufacture, and build these technically sophisticated sub-assemblies, the company kept their production schedule on-track. Shipping the enclosures to the customer fully tested allowed them to swiftly complete the final assembly, while our wire harness designs included specification changes that resulted in a very substantial cost savings. By changing out some of the harness components and having us handle procurement and assembly, the company saved more than $320,000 in production costs over a 160 unit order, enabling them to reduce the resale target pricing. Our noteworthy contribution to the successful outcome of this project earned us a much-appreciated commendation from the company president.

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Highlights of this Electrical Control Enclosure Design Project

Project Name & Description Electrical Control Enclosure
Capabilities Applied/Processes System Integration
Overall Part Dimensions W=18", H=48", D=24" (Approx)
Material Used Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures, Electrical Components
Material Finish Powder Coating
In process testing/inspection performed Full Functional Test
Industry for Use Semiconductor Equipment
Volume 160
Delivery/Turnaround Time 8-12 units per week
Delivery Location California

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