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Electronic Component Distribution

Distribution Capabilities & Benefits

Electronic Component Distribution

Compass Manufacturing Services is an authorized franchise distributor providing local inventory of electronic components from the highest quality manufacturers. Compass has become a trusted partner to Fortune 500 companies with over 30+ years of experience and technical expertise in providing electronic components to our customers. The Compass goal is to reduce cost of materials and lead times, contributing to our customers' growth, profitability and success.

Advantages of working with Compass Distribution are:

  • Local Inventory for quick delivery
  • Specialist with 25 years of experience for low cost/stock alternatives
  • Applications Engineering Support
  • Over $1 Million Inventory

We provide a wide range of inventory management programs developed to support individual customers' needs at our facility or yours including:

  • Kanban Programs
  • JIT Delivery
  • Bonded Inventory
  • Bar Coding
  • EDI/E-Commerce

Our distribution lines are strategically aligned to augment our manufacturing capabilities. This synergy allows Compass to reduce material and manufacturing costs and provides more competitive quotes to our manufacturing customers.

Distribution Products

Audio Products
Mallory Sonalert | Mynthal

See our Franchise Inventory Line Card

Circuit Breakers
Eaton (CBI) | Moeller | OptiFuse

3M | Bomar/Winchester | FCT | Harting | Sealcon (Hummel) | Major League Electronics | Wieland

Contactors and Relays
Eaton | Moeller | Wieland

DIN Products
Adam Tech | FCT | Harting | Wieland

EMI Protection Products
Thermshield | Zippertubing

NEMA Enclosures
Sealcon (Hummel)

Optoelectronic & Discrete
P-Tec | EDI | Surge

Bishop | Electrocube | Nemco | Surge | RCD | Riedon

Power Supplies

Terminal Blocks
Adam Tech | Wieland

Thermal Management


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